Come and DISCOVER the best of CABO PULMO with THE BEST


Only $1400.00 pesos p/p

Come and enjoy the beautiful experience of swimming in the aquarium of the world.


Only $ 1,600.00 pesos p/p

Venture out to observe these majestic sea creatures, learn and discover about one of the largest animals in the world.


Only $ 1,600.00 pesos p/p

Enjoy an unforgettable sunset in the middle of the ocean with the best landscapes offered by CABO PULMO, sailing aboard our comfortable boats.


Only $ 2,000.00 pesos p/p

Come and live the PLUS experience of swimming in the aquarium of the world, enjoy the wonders of CABO PULMO traveling in a private boat.


What do I need to have on board?

The items we recommend are: Cap or hat, sunglasses, swimsuit and sandals. In some cases raincoat, and biodegradable sunscreen

Is the use of biodegradable sunscreen mandatory?

YES, you can bring your favorite brand before coming to Cabo Pulmo, or buy it with us, because it is mandatory that it be only this kind of product, according to the regulations of the Marine Park, and the use of others that do not comply with this is not allowed.

Can you bring a pet?

Pets are not allowed on board boats because they disrupt marine and terrestrial fauna or the ecosystem. They can accompany you to Cabo Pulmo, but they must be cared by someone on land while you go out with us to enjoy our tours.

Can you snorkel without ever having done it before?

YES, the only requirements are: That you do not suffer from dizziness and do not fear the sea. We will take care of teaching you starting with shallow and safe places, so you can practice under our care and supervision.

Can a pregnant woman go up?

NO, it is definitely forbidden for pregnant women to get on the boats due to the high risk that the movement of the boats over the sea (sometimes can be strong) implies for them and their babies.

What are the schedules for hiring and go out to the tours?

We are happy to welcoming you from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, however, your experience will be much better if you reserve your place with anticipation.

Do I have to bring cash to visit Cabo Pulmo?

YES, although some stores (like us) have terminals to accept card payments, it is highly recommended to have cash to make purchases in restaurants and small businesses, or in the event of failures in the electricity or Internet service.

Is there some age restriction for NOT being able to do these activities?

Anyone can practice these activities, from childrens from 5 years to adults over 70 years old, as long as their state of health allows it, and their integrity is not put at risk by any medical condition.

Can we always be sure to go out to any tour at any time?

NO, all our activities are directly affected by weather conditions, so sometimes it is not possible to go out due to bad weather.


We had an excellent tour in Cabo Pulmo with El Cardumen Tours. We were out for about 2 1/2 hours and swam with the Jack Fish and saw the sea lions (they were mostly sleeping). We stopped and got into the water 4 different times and our guide Pamela was very knowledgeable. We didn't see any turtles but did see a humpack whale and her young. I thought the price was very reasonable too.
Ellen S.
Snorkel Tour
A few days in paradise we will never forget! My wife and myself were lucky enough to be recommended to El Cardumen! We had no idea what to expect after a magnificent drive we were greeted by Paquito and family. We were shown our cabana immaculate and very comfortable.The next day we went on their boat Valentina "their daughters namesake" and had an incredible snorkeling trip with a very well versed guide.We will never forget the experience and cant wait to go back! Paquito even delivered coffee to our room at 630 am! Dont miss this very special place.
Snorkel Tour
Educational Snorkeling! Maybe this isn't for everyone, but I had one of the best days of my life snorkeling with guide Pamela - a marine biology student and snorkel guide. I saw nearly organism listed on the flyer. Schools and schools of young fish, coral, young jacks doing the tornado swirl, turtle nests on the beach, and it included lunch! Thank you Francisco and Pamela for making this happen!
Snorkel Tour

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